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Model Airplane News - April 2013

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Model Airplane News - April 2013

ParkZone Albatros D.Va

ParkZone Albatros D.Va Quick assembly tricks, like the interplane connector pin, gets this plane into the air in no time. Note the clean aileron servo mounting. Mercedes engine are flanked by Spandau machine guns, while the large spinner and scimitar prop not only have scale dimensions, but their removal allows easy access to the motor. A molded pilot figure comes complete with a scarf that even flutters in flight! For a little added excitement, there is a mount on the lower wing surface that allows mounting of the optional Sonic Combat Module and Adapter that will allow simulated air combat with other ParkZone WW I aircraft. Conclusion A few minutes after the battery was charged, the plane was ready for its first mission. Between trips to the field, the assembled Albatros D.Va looks great hanging from my ceiling, waiting to patrol the front for its next victim. The Red Baron’s “Other” Plane Hearing the words “Red Baron” usually evokes visions of a bright red Fokker Dr.I triplane in an aerial ballet with his opponent. Some may not know, however, that most of Manfred von Richthofen’s 80 victories came at the controls of an Albatros. In fact, his reputation was formed while flying various iterations of this plane, and it was in early 1917 that he had one of his planes painted the now iconic red paint scheme, almost two years after he had started flying. To prevent him from being easily singled out in battle, many of his squadron members also painted parts of their planes in red, a reason they were given the nickname “Flying Circus.” Richthofen was heavily involved with the ongoing developments of the Albatros, and his recommendations, based on real-world combat conditions, prompted improvements in agility and strength that would not only allow pilots to maneuver into the perfect kill position, but also give them a chance to make it back if they happen to take a few bullet hits while evading their pursuers. Though the triplane will always be synonymous with the Red Baron, the Albatros will remain his first aircraft. 44 MORE FROM THIS ISSUE AT MODELAIRPLANENEWS.COM

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Model Airplane News - April 2013

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