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RC Car Action - June 2013

10 Best Jobs In RC The

10 Best Jobs In RC The dream gigs that could one day be yours words Erich rEichert For some of us, RC is more than just a casual hobby — it’s a passion. It consumes every minute of our lives and is often the subject of our daydreams. Running your car is one thing, but for the rare few, taking it to the next level and working in RC is where our dreams lay. Many of the people you read about each month, those behind the scenes at manufacturers and even the guy at the local hobby shop, they all had that same dream. If you’re one of these types of people like I was at 15 years old, then this article is for you! Here’s an up-close look at 10 options your guidance counselor doesn’t know about: The 10 best jobs in RC.

1 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER Tim Clark Pro-Line Racing THE JOB Behind every great RC product is a great R&D team. We consider the Research and Development group of any RC company to be the men in the trenches. They go to races and events, talk with team drivers, customers and anyone else who uses their products to gather intel on the needs of RC’er. The R&D engineer then takes that crucial feedback back to the office where he identifies targets for products and works with engineers to make these ideas become reality. Throughout the design process, R&D people constantly inspect, critique, and improve on the molds and prototypes and analyze 3D models to get the part just right. They also work with equipment and material vendors to purchase everything they need for production. PHOTOS BY SEAN EARNEST THE PRO Tim Clark is the head of R&D for Pro-Line Racing but having worked there for 20 years, his history goes back to the company’s earliest days. His father was an auto shop teacher who also worked for GM . Tim grew up around fullsize off-roading and all things mechanical. He learned drafting in high school and after graduation, began working for Walker Evans Racing where he fabricated chassis for the Mickey Thompson Series. It was through this job that he met Pro-Line’s founder in 1989 and was offered a job designing RC products. Throughout his career, Tim has spent a lot of time traveling the world attending RC races and raced full-size off-road and stock cars, all of which inspired some of Pro-Line’s most legendary products. Things like the ProTrac Suspension, PowerStroke Shocks, and the legendary Holeshot and Bow-Tie tread designs are among his accomplishments. Of his success, Tim said, “I’ve worked on many great products, but I’m most proud of my team today. Without them, Pro-Line wouldn’t be where it is today.” The secret of Pro- Line's success? Oven freshness.

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