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June 2013

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RC Car Action - June 2013


F I R S T D R I V E NEW SUIT The Robby Gordon Edition wouldn’t be complete without a new lid. The body is an officially licensed version of the Hummer Robby used to compete in this year’s Dakar Rally. Complete with color matched decals and color matched wheels, the body is available in your choice of orange or black. TOTALLY SUBMERSIBLE Just like in real desert racing, this 1/10 truck will undoubtedly see its share of puddles and mud. To keep things moving, the Robby Gordon Edition Slash features Traxxas’ proven waterproof electronics. The speed control and servo are sealed, while the receiver is stashed in a waterproof housing. The waterproof gear doesn’t just tell you to hit the puddles, it dares you to. THE ROBBY GORDON EDITION DAKAR SLASH CAPTURES ALL THE FUN AND EXCITEMENT OF ONE OF THE MOST GRUELING AND BRUTAL RALLIES IN THE WORLD AND PUTS IT RIGHT IN YOUR HANDS. TOP QUALIFIER The Slash comes fully ready to run and includes Traxxas’ updated 2.4GHz TQ radio system. The more comfortable and ergonomic radio is un-goof-up-able with just one adjustment (steering trim), and works just like the long-lived AM system that has served so well in Traxxas vehicles. The plusses are the glitch-resistance and convenience of 2.4GHz, and an internal antenna. It looks sleek, and there’s no way to break the antenna unless you back over the transmitter (and that’s totally on you). If you move the TQ to another vehicle, you can reverse the servo using the pushbutton on top of the transmitter. FADE TO BLACK Like the other new trucks in the Slash lineup, the RG Dakar Slash comes with a black chassis rather than the original gray version. The trademark hide-riding, wideside chassis design is unchanged, but black plastic gives it a different and more stealth look. Nothing says “Top Secret Race Machine” like blacked-out parts. 36 MORE FROM THIS ISSUE AT RCCARACTION.COM

BRUSHLESS READY The truck’s tranny features a steel gear train that provides a long life and a lot of durability. When you’re ready to upgrade to brushless power, the Robby Gordon Edition Slash is ready for it too. Just slug in your new system and know that the tranny is up for the task. If you go with Traxxas’ Velineon setup, you can trade in the brushless gear for a discount with Traxxas’ Power-Up program. MUST BE THE SHOES Five-spoked wheels with an orange accent around the rim tie to the body’s color scheme. Traxxas’ scale looking and durable tires are wrapped around the rims to give the Slash plenty of traction and long tire life. PROVEN POWER Traxxas includes their proven Titan 12-turn 550 brushed motor with the Dakar Slash. The motor features an integrated cooling fan that vents air through the motor to keep it running strong when the going gets tough. The sealed endbell design produces plenty of power and RPM to keep the action pumping until it’s time for a recharge. TRAINING DAY With Traxxas’ Training Mode, you won’t break a sweat when your friends give your Slash a try. In Training Mode, power is reduced to 50% so inexperienced or younger drivers can take a turn without wiping out the truck in a full-speed curb shot, or tearing up the tulips with a detour through your neighbor’s flower beds. THE VERDICT Whether you’re eyeing another Slash for your collection (hands up—who has two or more?) or looking to take the plunge into RC with tough, fast, fun truck, the Robby Gordon Edition Dakar Slash should be at the top of your shopping list. It captures all the fun and excitement of one of the most grueling and brutal rallies in the world and puts it right in your hands. A new blacked-out chassis, color matched wheels, and scale tires are the prelude to the most popular RC short course platform and offers you a change of pace with the parts availability and performance you’ve come to expect. The new body is a replica of Robby’s milliondollar truck and is available in two color schemes. The Dakar Slash puts you behind the wheel and into the driver’s seat at a 9,730 discount. Sources Traxxas JUNE 2013 37

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