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July 2013

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RC Car Action - July 2013


NEW&HOT THINKING INSIDE THE BOX Pro-Line Tire Bag Tough fabric, “luggage-quality” zippers, and an inner corrugated plastic liner make sure this bag holds its shape and your tires (or whatever else you pack inside) are protected. A shoulder strap makes for easy carrying, and at 17.5 inches by 8.5 inches, you can pack a lot of gear in there. Also great for donuts. Baaad Buggy JConcepts Escape SC10B JConcepts was quick on the draw with this new body, which is developed specifically for the Associated SC10B. Every crease, curve, and scoop has been massaged for maximum aero effect, and there’s even a driver figure and cockpit detailing! SLIPPERY SHELL PROTOform Gianna PROTOform’s follow up to the popular Sophia shell is the Gianna, an equally sleek World GT body designed specifically for ultra-low-profile tires and featuring advanced aerodynamics with its large front splitter and low-drag rear wing. Bonus: the decal sheet includes dark headlights for light-colored paint jobs and vice versa.

Japanese Monster Kyosho ReadySet DMT VE-R 4WD Monster Truck Big K’s new 4WD monster machine features a powerful, 3S-ready VortexR10 speed controller and the new 4-pole sensorless Team Orion motor. This potent pair produces speeds up to 60mph with wheelie-popping torque right out of the box, says Kyosho. Full-time 4WD and extra-long-travel suspension let the DMT VE-R roll through just about anything, and Kyosho’s ReadySet package only requires your choice of battery (tip: get a 3S LiPo!). RULE-BENDING POWER Novak Vulcan Spec & Outlaw Brushless Motors Novak’s new Vulcan motors bring high-rpm stators, new endbells, and fresh rotor options to two distinct flavors of brushless power. The Outlaw motor features Novak’s ULR (ultra-lowresistance) stators wound for maximum copper fill and maximum power for not-exactly-legal spec motor performance. The Spec motors are built for by-the-book, sanctioned spec-class racing . The Vulcan Spec uses the largest wire diameter permitted, and is hand-wound in the USA using 99.9% pure copper wire—also made on the USA!

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