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July 2013

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RC Car Action - July 2013

performance test Hot

performance test Hot Bodies D812 1/8 scale NITRO 4WD BUGGY | UNasseMBleD KIT This buggy puts a factory team ride in the hands of the club racer to make it a true people’s champion Words Erich rEichert @ErichrccA photos hope mccall T he Hot Bodies D812 is the product of countless races and years of development by HB’s engineers and team drivers. At the 2012 ROAR Nationals in Lost Creek, PA, the team kept their latest creation out of the public eye as best they could but after taking the win, they had to fight off the media who were eager to show the world what sort of new top-secret designs there were behind the new national champion and Worlds hopeful. From first glimpse, the car was out of this world and bursting at the seams with wild, new designs and different takes on how the everyday 1/8 buggy should be. The buggy that graces these pages is the finished product of those races, hours and hours of testing, and outspoken performance on both the national and world levels of competition. Packed full of the designs that stunned us just one year ago, the D812 is so much more than just HB’s newest offering. To you, Joe Weekend Warrior, it’s your sponsorship packet, your first shipment of gear, and your signed contract to join the team. 34

packed full of the designs that stunned us just one year ago, the d812 is so much more than jusT HB’s newest offering. JULY 2013 35

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