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July 2013

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RC Car Action - July 2013


Pit Tips SHEET FOAM PROTECTS PARTS Sheets of craft foam are perfect for padding body posts, battery compartments, and receiver boxes. Using scissors, trim the sheet to fit or use a hole punch to fit pads over body posts. Glue two or more pieces together for increased cushioning. You can also use the foam to pad any spots inside the body that contact the chassis. TRANSMITTER BAG ON THE CHEAP A padded fabric lunch bag can double as a transmitter bag. Most have a pocket for an icepack that can be used for spare AA batteries or an extra receiver. Bonus: you can also use the bag to carry lunch. KEEP POSTED Loose body clips have a way of migrating out of toolboxes and off bench tops. A spare body post (or a scrap cut from an extra-long post) makes a great body-clip wrangler. Slip extra clips into the holes then toss it into your spares box. BLADE BLOCKER Lost the cap to your hobby knife? You could do the old stickthe-blade-in-backwards trick, but that still leaves an exposed cutting edge. Instead, push the blade into a piece of firm foam from packaging or a spare battery spacer. Instant cap! ! RC CAR ACTION IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU MESS UP YOUR GEAR, OR YOURSELF, BY USING THE TIPS GIVEN HERE. IF YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE FOLLOWING ANY TIP WE SHOW—DON’T! MORE PIT TIPS ONLINE—SHARE YOURS! For more Pit Tips, visit Got a tip for us? Post it on our Facebook page, Tweet it to us, or just email your tips to Include a drawing or photo if you can. 26 MORE FROM THIS ISSUE AT RCCARACTION.COM

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