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July 2013

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RC Car Action - July 2013


Feedback WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK twitter@rccaraction facebook/rccaraction RC Car Action 88 Danbury Road Wilton, CT 06897 SKOOL DAYZ My name is Chad, I’m 15 and go to a technical high school for manufacturing. I just saw your article “10 Best Jobs in RC” (May 2013) and I wanted to say thanks. I met with my guidance counselor the next morning and brought the article in with me to show him what I want to do. I always wondered how people got into RC, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks! – Chad, Naperville, IN When I was your age, I wondered the same thing. My teacher dragged my class into the library, handed out a list of different jobs, and told us to pick one. Lawyer, Accountant, Grocery Cart Collector — none of these options sounded good to me. What was a punk with a shaved head and a Pantera T-shirt to do? I ended up picking electronic engineering, thinking I could make speed controls or chargers. Good thing I ended up at a magazine, or you’d probably be running something that resembles a toaster in your car! That article is for you and anyone else like us, my friend — hope to see you in RC someday. – Erich There’s always one must-have item you have to bring with you when traveling. Which got us wondering — What’s the farthest destination you’ve ever taken your RC car on vacation? The North Pole. – Marc Guilbault I took my RC10 Worlds Car from Gulfport, MS, all the way to the island of Guam. – Kenneth Maneeley FOUR-WHEEL FREAK! I had a Yokomo YZ10 a long time ago and am looking to get back into the 4WD. I am looking at the Associated B44.2 or the Durango DEX410V3 and read your review on the B44.2. Could you possibly also review the Durango in an upcoming issue? As of right now, I’m leaning toward the Durango, but would like to know a little more about it so I could make up my mind. I like both cars, just not sure which way to go. – Kevin H. Both are great buggies and it’s definitely not an easy choice, which is why you’ll see RC Car Action getting back to multi-car shootouts and “head to head” matchups between the hottest cars and trucks in the most competitive categories. Unless you’re loaded and can buy 'em all, there’s no way the average guy like yourself can compare every car on your wish list—but we can. Stay tuned. —Pete THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD My buddy and I both picked up Nitro Slashes and are having a blast. There are woods behind my house where we’ve built a few jumps, one is six feet tall! The other day when we were bashing around, one of my neighbors called the cops to complain that we were making too much noise. We weren’t on their property or anything, so I don’t get the big deal. We were thinking of just going back out there anyway. What do you think? -Eric I took my XRAY XB8 from Japan to New Jersey and back again. – Michael Bryant I have taken my Slash to the Oregon coast to play on the sand dunes. That’s over 500 miles away from my home! – Eric Kolari Slash 4X4 ripping on the beaches of Ft. Meyers, FL. – Keegan Bouma I’m always a believer in communicating to resolve a problem and think your answer might be as simple as that. However, there’s nothing lost in trying to talk to your neighbor and see what it was that bothered him in the first place. Nitro cars are actually pretty noisy — awesome, but noisy — so try and run your trucks when no one is home. Another thing to think about is that even if you’re building jumps in the woods and it’s not your neighbor’s property, he may still have to look at your huge piles of dirt and I can see how that would be annoying. An ounce of consideration is all that’s usually needed to get your way and keep everyone else happy at the same time. – Erich 18 MORE FROM THIS ISSUE AT RCCARACTION.COM

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