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January 2013

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RC Car Action - January 2013


PROJECT CLASS 5 BAJA 1000 YOLO-inspired Bug WORDS & PHOTOS KEVIN JOWETT You’re most likely familiar with one of the most popular radio controlled vehicles in history, Tamiya’s Sand Scorcher. I’ve spent considerable amounts of time in the past doing resto-mod style builds out of old salvaged buggies. So, when Tamiya re-released the SRB as the 30th Anniversary Edition, I made sure I was in line to snag one. The thought of not having to straighten, grind, and polish parts that were decades old was a real draw to the kit. This time I wanted to move past my usual SRB-style builds and draw more inspiration from desert racing. I started the same way I always do—I hopped online and started searching out Volkswagen-based racecars. For some reason, I had the color yellow stuck in my head—I guess because it was one of the only colors I hadn’t painted one of these Bugs it made sense. 48 MORE FROM THIS ISSUE AT RCCARACTION.COM

One of radio control’s all-time favorites can easily be transformed from a beach cruiser to a scale desert racer. Some aftermarket parts, plastic modeling, and creative uses for items from the parts bin is all you need! JANUARY 2013 49

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