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HARD WIRED Get a grip

HARD WIRED Get a grip Before soldering, use some fine sandpaper to clean off the surface of the board’s solder pads. Apply a small dab of flux to each point then insert the end of the wire lead into the appropriate hole and secure the wire with the clip. The wires are inserted from the back of the board so only the end is exposed at the pad. If needed, you can enlarge the holes so the wires fit through. To solder the controllers to the board, you have to hold the board steady. I place my fixture base in a wood clamp so the board can be positioned horizontally. The alligator clip secures the wire leads which fit into the pre-drilled holes in the board. Once the lead is in position, place the soldering iron on one side of the pad and when it is hot, apply solder to the opposite side until it flows around the wire and pad. It doesn’t take much. Remove the solder and the heat and let the joint cool completely before soldering the next lead. Repeat the process until all four controllers (eight wires in all) have been soldered to the power distribution board. Cleaning the board with fine sandpaper removes corrosion from the solder pads and helps make a clean strong solder joint. If your tinned wire does not fit into the holes in the board, you may need to use a hand drill to enlarge the holes. Before placing the board in the holding fixture, insert the wire from the back side of the board. Hands free! The board is secured with the holding fixture and the wire is held by the metal clip. 50

After applying a small dab of soldering flux, heat the wire and the pad. Apply the solder from the opposite side from the iron. When its all hot enough, the solder will easily flow into the joint. Here’s the completed job. All four controllers (eight wire leads) have been soldered to the distribution board as well as the two leads for the battery connector. The joints are all smooth and shiny. SOLDERING STATION The TrakPower TK950 Soldering Station is a well-made, powerful 60-watt design that delivers a lot of heat quickly. It has a temperature select dial with a heat range of 392° to 896° F and has a precise setting hold of within 1.8° F while idle. It comes with a slender and comfortable insulated handle and the power cord is long enough to easily move it around your worktable. The TK950, available from, comes with the soldering iron, support stand, a cleaning sponge, a temperature control unit, plus a chisel point and, fine pencil tips. Priced under , it is a great value ideal for all rotordrone soldering jobs. That’s it! Not all that difficult, right? Of course, it will take practice to improve your skills. The more you solder, the better you’ll get and soon you’ll be a soldering pro. K Gear & Gadgets 51

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