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Drone School CONTENTS

Drone School CONTENTS THE BASICS 4 | Anatomy of a Quadcopter The Inside Scoop on How Multirotors Work By Gerry Yarrish 6 | Anatomy of a Radio An Inside Look at How RC Transmitters Work By Gerry Yarrish 10 | Anatomy of FPV An Inside Look at That “From The Cockpit” Experience By Gerry Yarrish 14 | Battery Speak What C-Rating Means and Why It’s Important By Mike Gantt FLIGHT SUCCESS 16 | Flight Basics Flight Modes and Intelligent Orientation Control Explained By John Reid 20 | Flight Modes 101 Flip a Switch for Precision Control! By Gus Calderon 24 | Programming A Flight Controller Simple, Easy and Quick Setup Tips By John Reid 26 | Flyaway No More! Overcoming The Scourge of the UAVWorld By William Levasseur 30 | Master Your Multirotor 13 Pro Tips for Better Flying, Filming, and More Fun By Team RotorDrone 36 | Legal View Aircraft Registration By Jeffrey Antonelli

GEAR & GADGETS 38 | Budget DIY Building Your Own Quadcopter is Easier Than You Think By Jim Ryan 42 | Power Play! Get The Most Out of Your Battery Investment By Mike Gantt 46 | Hard Wired Pro Tips for Perfect Solder Joints By Gerry Yarrish 50 | Don’t Cook Your Speed Control! Pro Advice for Multirotor Power Systems By Greg Gimlick 53 | Telemetry 101 Mastering the Communication Between You and Your Multirotor By John Reid FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 57 | 7 Trouble Shooting Tips Easy Solutions to Common Problems By Gus Calderon 60 | Asked And Answered Expert Solutions to Common Questions By Gus Calderon 64 | Make Money With Your Drone Expert Keys to a Successful Small Business By Matt Boyd RESOURCES xx | FAA Registration xx | Drone Safety Guidlines xx | Terminology

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