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ANATOMY OF FPV The ultimate in “geek swag,” FPV goggles are the coolest way to experience FPV video. The white Cinemizer OLED goggles from Zeiss (left) are top of the line headgear. The Fat Shark goggles above, are less expensive and are available in complete packages. Notice its mushroom antenna, the goggles have a built-in FPV receiver. FPV Goggles A popular alternative to the flat monitor, are one-size-fits-all FPV goggles. These come in varying levels of quality and they provide a virtual experience of the video viewed directly with split images, one for each eye. Basic goggles have fixed focus and most cannot be used by people who wear glasses. It is best to wear contact lenses as the goggles do not fit over glasses. There are also high-quality goggles that, much like a set of binoculars, have adjustable eyepieces for focus and pupil position for each eye. There are also combo sets for both goggles and monitors that combine the viewing part of the system with the receiver all in a single unit. They have an antenna jack, and some also have rechargeable battery packs incorporated into them as well so all you have to do is put them on and turn them on to see the FPV video image. Here’s a close up of the optics in the Zeiss goggles. The are very high quality and the focus is adjustable. Power systems for your FPV system, as well as the wire leads and connectors, should all be compatible. Of course you will also need a battery charger for the battery pack(s) you use for power. Power Once again, if you use a plug and play package you don’t have to worry about getting your setup up and running. Most airborne units can be run with a wire harness plugged into between your aircraft’s battery pack and speed control. You can also supply a separate battery pack to power your FPV equipment if your aircraft can handle the additional weight. In general, additional weight means less flight duration. You don’t need to include a power switch, just plug in the battery to turn on your system. BOTTOM LINE Whether you want to try piloting your aircraft using a live down feed “from the cockpit” view or you just want to give your friends a virtual “ride,” First-Person View provides a lot of fun and excitement. This electronic bird’s-eye view provides a new perspective of the world around you. Give FPV a try; you’ll never look at multirotors the same way again. K 14


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